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A Mystery, A Journey and a Revelation...

Vapouround magazine

It’s all been very quiet on the Z-Squad front this past fortnight. Too quiet. Since leaving us mere Earth representatives in charge recently, there has been no word from them - though the juice supplies continue to arrive (and immediately depart to fulfill your orders) like clockwork. We won’t let the power go to our heads, though we just might let the clouds do so - as we are taking the Z-Squad stateside whether they like it or love it…..

If you’re in the vaping industry then you will know about Vapouround magazine. For those of you who aren’t - and that is a pretty long list as TPD regulations prevent the magazine from being freely distributed outside of the industry - Vapouround is a lively, informative and current new magazine aimed at everyone who is into vaping from manufacturers to distributors. The publication circulates across Europe and beyond, bringing an eclectic mix of news, views and reviews on the vape scene which is partially written by a team of cloud chasers who also curate and include the work of others.

The big news for Vapouround at the moment - and also for Z-Squad - is that they will soon be proudly launching the magazine in the US and our four lovely zombies are going to be in the very first issue! Perhaps that’s where they have been - a photoshoot? Maybe creating a new juice of their very own? Only time will tell..

We certainly aren’t neglecting our core cloud of UK Vapers : Z-Squad will also be featuring in the next issue of the UK edition with some revealing reviews of our fundead juices - this writer doesn’t believe any reviewer has quite his wonderful descriptive power and would be interested to meet the challenge, should it arise. There’s also going to be an editorial direct from the powers that vape and there are to be even more reveals here. Anyone who’s anyone will be keeping their eyes peeled for our Zombie Zeitgeist - but you might not see it for the clouds. We forgive you.

You might not be able to get the magazine but you can certainly make it to the vaper expo - more details here. Don't forget all orders currently receive a bottle of zero-strength juice free - how low can YOU go?