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Free Zero Strength E liquid with every order

For our interplanetary transmission this week, we hand you over to your local Z-Squad correspondent - stay tuned for news of a special deal you can now take advantage of. Whichever part of whichever galaxy you’re currently in, you can make sure that you have some extra bits of metal and paper in your pockets to spend on the things you love the most.


We are the Earth Division of Zombie Squad - newly set up after the capturing of souls that led to the creation of the finest e-liquid in the universe. All the admin is being managed down here, we work hard to ensure that all of your orders are processed as close to the speed of light as possible so you’re always armed with the equipment you need to chase the best clouds.

Working here at Z-Squad is most definitely interesting and full of aromatic delight, a prospect that meant thousands of people wanted to be here. The final, lucky, staff were chosen based on their proven skills, their dedication to hard work and, of course, their love of and passion for vaping. Now we are in charge of a new promotion that could save you money and introduce you to a whole new level of cloud formation - Level Zero.

Vaping developed as an alternative to smoking, as more and more people finally realised that the demon tobacco was not a friend but needed to replace the nicotine within. As technology rapidly progressed, new ideas were formed and the range of eliquids grew and grew, along with the devices for vaping with. Now there is an entire culture built around vaping and it isn’t just an alternative to smoking as you can purchase e-liquids that give you all the clouds but none of the content when it comes to nicotine.

Is Zero Strength for YOU? Nobody wants to risk money finding out that something isn’t for them and so, for a limited time, we will send you a bottle of your chosen e-liquid flavour in its ZERO STRENGTH format along with it so you can discover, without risk, whether you can cut nicotine out of your life completely.

All orders will receive one bottle of 0mg eliquid absolutely FREE - order now and capture your clouds without any nicotine at all…