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Round 2 at Birmingham VAPER EXPO UK!

 Yes, it’s that time of year again – and as always NEC Birmingham is hosting yet another Vaper Expo! This is our second year at the vape-fest and we’re so excited to see all of you there. 

We’re bringing Halloween early this year with our Z-SQUAD at the UK’s biggest exhibition venue, but don’t be scared of the Z-SQUAD as they’ve been told to be on their best behaviour. There’s A LOT of room to vape, but make sure you find us, and you never know you might just get some freebies. The entertainment at the vaper expo is unbelievable as always – with DJ’s, freebies and LOTS of room to vape your hearts out.

Throughout the Expo we will have a twitter campaign #Zsquad­Va­per­Expo16 - keep hastaging us ALL weekend! 

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