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Tobacco VS E-cigs — One Clear Winner...

Everybody knows that smoking tobacco is a rotten habit, bringing with it hundreds of related health complaints from bad teeth to lung cancer. After years of campaigning and raising public awareness, thankfully the number of smokers has lowered dramatically and continues to fall - vaping has played a big part in this fall since it has become more popular. Public Health England carried out a detailed evidence review which found that vaping is a massive 95% LESS HARMFUL than tobacco.

What else did the review find?

The rise in the number of people vaping has been matched by a direct correlation with a decrease in the number of tobacco smokers, the most welcome finding

- Quickly replacing patches, sprays, gum and lozenges as a quit-smoking aid, e-cigs are now the most popular method used by those wishing to give up or cut down on the nicotine intake

- The evidence that e-cigs can help people to quit smoking tobacco is of ‘good quality’

- Due to the relatively short amount of time that vaping has been around, there are no data on its long-term health impact - expert opinion based on existing medical knowledge, however, indicates that e-cigs are far less harmful than cigarettes, by up to a factors of 95%

- When used according to manufacturer's instructions, the risk of nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes is zero

- ‘Negligible’ amounts of nicotine are released into the air around, meaning that the are no identifiable risks to others from passive smoking

What does the review suggest?

- E-cigs should not be treated the same as tobacco cigarettes as they “offer the potential of providing a low-cost, effective intervention that could help England’s 8 million smokers to quit the habit for good”

- Stop smoking services should be involved actively in engaging with smokers who wish to use e-cigarettes as a tobacco-quitting aid

- E-cigs should be available on prescription to those wanting to quit

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