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Transmission Ends.

They (who?) say that only two things in life are certain - death and taxes. We here at Z-Squad HQ think that is a bit of a narrow view and that many other things are certain too. Four of these many things are immediately available for you to discover and, with the intention of spreading our metaphorical (and literal) wings, we are now inviting wholesalers to spread the word and connect the clouds. Are YOU the node we need?

One of the most important, influential and mind-shattering words in your funny little Earth-language is ‘why’, a fact that parents discover to their cost soon after their offspring begin speaking. Why is the sky green? Why is the grass blue? These questions asked of parents by Venusian children, differ only slightly in the details but are exactly the same in essence. And now, as adults, they and we are still asking.

So, why should you join the Z-Squad elite as a wholesaler? Because:

You Save Money - we know how important your bits of metal and scraps of paper are to you humans, so we ask our wholesalers for less. You get our e-liquid and you keep you tokens. Everybody smiles.

You Gain Status - the Z-Squad have made a big impact on the vaping community and command trust, recognition and respect. The leading technologies, the most stringent protocols, flavours at the very cutting edge of taste itself - all can be shared by you

You Go Faster - as obsessed with rapid movement as you are with coinage, humans are always looking for extra speed. Wholesalers with Z-Squad enjoy delivery of the goods within an Earth-day period of 24 hours, provided by our well-established intergalactic distribution network

You Are Connected - we, the mere minions of Z-Squad, remain faithfully and loyally in your service, offering the most practical and helpful support from our UK based support centres. You will also be assigned your own personal, private and dedicated mere minion, who will cheerfully provide a full complement of purely professional services

You Are Convinced - so all you need to do is to click here to apply for your Z-Squad Wholesale Account and begin enjoying the above.