Z-SQUAD E-LIQUIDS | First e-liquid in the world created by real zombies

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Z-Squad - A New Race of Vapers is Born...

Ricks Mix, Shaven Haven, Monkey Puff and Hellbender


The mystical power of the vaping Gods and Goddesses are gathering as the dark conjunction nears and the Z-SQUAD prepare to descend on your blue, beautiful planet. A strange, iridescent nebula starts to burn, splits and splits again - four glowing shards descend to each of the corners of Earth, drawing four fortunate souls into a whirling conflagration of mystical discovery…

The vaping world has never seen anything, or anyone, like the Z-Squad before. Our four mystics have learned the secrets of the cloud and, after allowing their senses to become heightened to an almost uncanny degree by the charms of the esoteric e-liquid, are ready to share (at least some of) their profound knowledge with mere Earthlings - a very special treat indeed, we think you will agree.

Almost unrecognisable from their previous Earth selves, these vaping visionaries have been changed in body, mind and soul by the ethereal sensations they have experienced. Each member of the Z-Squad has his or her own identity, intricacy, personality and mood, all of which alter and vary in the same way as your own undeveloped Earthling sense. Do not worry - we come in peace, to help you to be better. We will develop your taste.

The story of the Z-Squad will slowly be revealed. Each vaping experience - Ricks Mix, Shaven Haven, Monkey Puff and Hellbender - will become clearer to you as the fragments begin to assemble. Enough fragments, and a new nebula might begin to form, which will split, and split again. I think you know what happens then, Earthling.

If you are the type of Earthling who likes to leap before they look, and we know from observing that there are a great many of you, then you can experience any of the Z-Squad’s signature e-liquid mixes before you find out the story of how it came to exist. We salute you forward-thinkers and direct you to view the fantastic four by clicking here. Which will you try first? Explore the mysteries alone - if you dare.