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Z-Squad Part I - The Splendour of Hellbender

The first of the Z-Squad has come fully to life - or should that be to DEATH? With a deep bass growl that has shaken even the Underworld to its very foundations, HELLBENDER is on the scene and is taking no prisoners. Everyone trailing in the wake of this terrifying creature is left… chilled? Calm? How does HELLBENDER, this gargantuan vape-zombie, achieve his contradictory effects? Maybe we can find out…



HELLBENDER used to be plain old John Smith - no, we’re not even kidding. An ordinary guy in an ordinary town in Ordinaryville, just waiting for whatever it was that people kept telling him was ‘just around the corner’ and would ‘change his life’. Little did any of them know what was about to happen. While lighting up his ninth cigarette of the day (at 11am), he noticed that the room was even more filled with smoke than usual but the usual reek of tobacco had gone to be replaced with the sweetest, most evocative aroma.

John Smith closed his eyes, all the better to appreciate this revivifying scent. John Smith, as he was known, ceased to exist in that moment as a nameless entity, dormant for a million centuries and more, fused the two into one. The shock of the fusion was so great that it registered on the Devil’s own Richter Scale, earning the new combined creature its name of HELLBENDER.

As you might expect, the new creature was mighty confused for a little while, full of wild thoughts about what had taken place. As the soothing, menthol-edged vapours continued to drift softly around him (it? them?), all the hellish thoughts died down and, though the fearsome appearance remained, everything within was pure, clear, glassy ice capable of cooling the wildest of fires.


Height - 3m (9’8”)

Weight - 305kg (48 stone)

Nicotine - varies between 0, 3 and 6mg

Horns - curled

Flavour - massively menthol, curiously charming, super seductive

Eyes - red

Smoothness - off the scale

Clouds - big, dramatic and sensational


Click here to be taken to HELLBENDER’s page, where you can experience a little of this zombie’s magic for yourself. We have secured the rights to bottle the demon’s essence and you can get your hands on it right now - if you think you are ready for it. Do you? Are you? Let’s bend Hell.