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Z-Squad Part II — Zombie Tricks with RICKS MIX


As HELLBENDER carves his grotesquely-enchanting swathes through the screaming hordes, leaving them iced and sublimely-mellow, a new member of the Z-Squad is calculating and considering his first move. The reason for his slow deliberation will become clear - if you have the patience. Believe us, the rewards are beyond interplanetary.


A more correct question would be ‘who are RICKS MIX?’, because this vaping zombie is the result of a dangerous, frightening, untried and unauthorised experiment bringing together many, many (un)fortunates. The team of intergalactic innovators responsible for creating the Z-Squad was undermined by an undead agent, a secret spy with his own agenda, answerable only to himself.

Working alone, this agent managed to alter the complex coding on our zombifying machinery, with the result that not just one but 100 Earthlings were captured as we created our second zombie. From all over the world, a plethora of Richards, Riches, Ricardos and Richies were compressed into a single being that emerged, blinking, from a rolling, billowing cloud into the Z-Squad laboratory.

We all knew something had gone horribly wrong yet… what was that aroma? That blissful, energising rush of air that brought weightlessness to our heavily-monitored experimental environment, where gravity had before been immutable? Perhaps WE were the ones that were horribly wrong and that this.. thing was a glorious, miraculous creation?

In short, that’s how it turned out. The secret experimenter has never been identified and, as RICKS MIX is such a success, nobody is looking too hard for them. Our only difficulty is getting this particular zombie to make any decisions due to the fact that 100 voices want to have their say - consequently, the e-liquid essence exclusively available from this very Earth-website is an experience that is impossible to pin down.

Vital Statistics

Height - 6’2” (currently)

Weight - 89kg/14 stone (currently)

Nicotine - 0, 3 & 6mg

Dominant Personality - Texas State Trooper Richard ‘Richie’ Richardson (currently)

Flavour - freakishly fruity, demonically dark, mysteriously marvellous

Tremors - unpredictable, unmistakable

Clouds - enveloping, billowing and defined


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